Okizu COVID-19 Update — March 11, 2020

Okizu COVID-19 Update

As an organization that emphasizes safety and wellness, Okizu is committed to ensure our families are not put at risk by attending an Okizu program.

Please know we are monitoring recommendations of the federal, state, and local health departments, as well as the recommendations of Okizu’s medical staff and the medical staff of our partner medical centers. At this point, we are moving forward with the hope and assumption that all camps will proceed as scheduled. We will work diligently to make responsible decisions to keep our families and their communities safe.

Please be on the lookout for social media posts and official communications from Okizu.


  1. The health and safety of our families has always been and will remain the top priority at Okizu.
  1. Okizu will be transparent in proactive communications prior to and during camp programs.
  1. Decisions on individual programs will be made at least two weeks prior to the start of that program, and will be distributed widely on a regular basis.
  1. We will practice all health department recommendations including those on cleaning, disinfecting, food preparation, and hand washing.
  1. We will proactively educate all paid and volunteer staff on safe practices.
  1. If programs are cancelled and we are able to resume later in the season, we will do our utmost to accommodate all families and children, later in the camping season.In addition to the measures we take, please contact your own medical provider and/or oncologist regarding any specific recommendations for you or your family members.Please be sure to take care of yourselves; below are public health information links from the State of California as well as the Centers of Disease Control.



Thank you for your patience and trust while we make the most responsible decisions for our families.

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