Stu Kaplan says farewell but not goodbye

Hello Okizu Family,
I hope you have been able to keep up with all the amazing things happening at Okizu this summer. Even though we can’t physically host our campers, the virtual program has been amazing to watch! I urge you to check out the wonderful pictures on our social media pages that illustrate the ways we are connecting and serving our very special kids. I am so proud of all that Okizu is. Our staff, our volunteers, our Board, our donors, and our families truly understand the power of community.
Like so many, I have spent the past few months evaluating my life in ways I never had before. It is with mixed emotions that I am letting you know that I am stepping down as Okizu’s Executive Director on July 15th. At this time, I feel the need to be physically closer to home, which for me is on the east coast.
While I am saddened to leave, I am excited at the opportunity to volunteer for and serve Okizu in different ways in the future. As you know, once you are a part of this amazing family, you are hooked. I plan on being involved for many years to come.
I have the utmost faith that Okizu will continue to grow and thrive, driven by our dedicated staff and Board. Suzie Randall will be stepping in as the Interim Executive Director so I know that Okizu is in good hands. I am so excited to learn what’s next with all of you and for Okizu!
Have a safe and healthy summer!
Stuart J. Kaplan, MD, MBA
Executive Director
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