Oncology Campers

“Camp Okizu is the best place on earth!” —14-year-old female Oncology camper

“The best part of Camp Okizu was being able to cut loose, to be the guy I really am, with no feeling of not being good enough. There is a feeling of being good and wanted.” —16-year old male Oncology camper

“Life changing! This camp really inspires me to be a better person and be more positive in every aspect of life. This place has really showed me that everyone has a purpose and everyone has a story, and the only way to understand that is to be yourself and let others be themselves as well. This is the happiest place I have ever been and I love Okizu more than anything in this world.” —Female Oncology camper

 SIBS (Special and Important Brothers and Sisters) Campers

“Okizu makes such a difference in my life. I feel like Okizu helped me fly as a person rather than drown, which I probably would have done in rough times if SIBS Camp hadn’t existed. No exaggeration.” —17-year-old female SIBS camper

“Camp Okizu is a special place in my heart and always has been. There is a magical vibe that floats about. Okizu is true happiness.” —SIBS camper

“I love camp! It’s where I’m making lifetime friends. It’s the best thing that ever happened. I love how you don’t see someone for a year and when you see them it feels like you haven’t stopped talking.” —15-year-old female SIBS camper

“I loved camp. Every moment was special to me.” —10-year-old female SIBS camper


“The only thing I can say is that Okizu gives these kids their lives back for a week and beyond!” —Parent of a 17-year-old male Oncology camper

“They feel safe, secure, and had a wonderful time. Geordan could not stop laughing. He laughed so much his face hurt.” —Parent of a 13-year-old male SIBS camper

“It is so nice for the family to enjoy some much needed time together and it is nice to be able to share our story of childhood cancer. When we started coming four years ago we were looking for any information we could get from families since my daughter was newly diagnosed but now I feel we are on the other side and can help other families that are new to the situation and that is so very therapeutic for us.” —Okizu Parent

“I’m thankful for Okizu allowing siblings the opportunity to be the center of attention. They so deserve it but after a year like we’ve had and so many other families have had, many times they are put in second place. Being in first place is a true blessing. Thank you!” —Parent of a 12-year-old male SIBS camper

“The care of the staff at Okizu is phenomenal. Please know that your efforts to assist families coping with cancer does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. My family values the time we have spent at Okizu because it provides additional assistance above the wonderful care that we receive within the medical aspect of cancer care. Okizu provides support in every sense of the word. It is a true blessing to be supported in this capacity.” —Okizu Parent

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