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Since 1982, thousands of children with cancer have experienced the thrill of summer camp at Camp Okizu. Courage and hope are plentiful and friends abound. At camp, children rediscover that they are children and not just cancer patients.

A camping experience is invaluable to children undergoing and recovering from cancer treatments. Camp provides a wonderful setting, outside the hospital, where children can meet other kids who have lost their hair during chemotherapy, had to face a limb amputation or suffered a relapse after months or years off treatment. For many, it is the happy memories of camp and the anticipation of next year that help them through their painful treatments and diagnostic procedures.

The resident camp program allows the campers to experience fun, adventure, independence, camaraderie and learning in an outdoor setting with kids who have shared the cancer experience. The planning of activities is done by the campers in their cabin group under the guidance of a trained counselor.

Expert medical supervision is provided by the pediatric oncology departments from the participating hospitals. All prescription medications (oral, inhaled, inject, and intravenous) are administered at camp as needed by licensed nurses and physicians.

Air-conditioned buses provide transportation to camp from Palo Alto, the East Bay, Sacramento and the Fairfield area. You may also drive your child to camp.

There is no charge to send your child to Oncology Camp. The camping experiences are made possible through the financial support of foundations, community organizations and individuals. We fundraise throughout the year to make these camping experiences possible, and all help is welcome. Click here for more information about making a donation.

Children are eligible to apply for Oncology Camp if they:

  • Have or have had cancer.
  • Are 6-17 years of age at the time of camp.
  • Receive approval from their physician.
  • Have consent of parent or legal guardian.
  • Complete the application process.

If you would like to receive additional information about Okizu, please call the office at 415.382.9083, or email