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Family Camp is an experience designed to give families a few days of support, fun, and relaxation. It is a chance to enjoy time with your family, and participate in activities like archery, fishing, and stargazing. Family Camp also provides an opportunity to connect and build friendships with families who understand what it means to raise children through the cancer diagnosis.

These weekends are offered free of charge and are all medically supervised. All meals are planned and prepared by our talented kitchen staff and served in our state of the art lodge, so there is no need to worry about cooking!

Family camp also serves as a great introduction to our campsite and volunteers and is an excellent opportunity to learn more about our summer camp programs.

All of our Family Camps will be held at Camp Okizu in Berry Creek, California, 70 miles north of Sacramento. The terrain is a beautiful combination of gently rolling hills with open meadow pastures and abundant tree coverage.

Family Camp is a chance to make s’mores with your kids around the campfire while connecting with a warm and understanding group of people. We hope you’ll be able to join us.

The Bereaved Family Camp is for families who have lost a child to cancer. The programming and discussion groups are geared specifically for these families. Bereaved families are not limited to this camp and are welcome to sign up for whichever weekend fits their schedule or their comfort level.

The James W Hebert Family Camp offers additional resources for families who have a child with a brain tumor, and is open to all families.

All of the other Family Camps are open to all families that fall into our service group. Some weekends also have additional resources for families with certain diagnoses, Spanish speaking families, etc. Click here to view the 2021 camp dates and apply.

Family Camp is available to the patient and their immediate family, which includes two custodial adults or one custodial adult and a guest, as well as the patient’s siblings. Pediatric patients of any age and their families are welcome to attend.

If you would like to receive additional information about Okizu, please call the office at 415.382.9083, or email