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TNT Program Information

Several times each year, weekend recreation and support programs are provided for 18-25-year-old pediatric oncology patients and their siblings.  These Teens-N-Twenties (TNT) weekends provide young adults with an ongoing opportunity to build and strengthen friendships and give and receive support from their peers. For more information or to sign up for TNT, email

2023 TNT Dates:

* Fall program date TBA

The campers say it best.

“I go to TNT to be connected with friends and make new ones, also to get away from the real world for a bit and be able to feel accepted with no judgment. At TNT I am just me, but when I am with my friends at school I am the one that had cancer and they don’t understand what I have been through, so it always feel like there is a wall that blocks that connection, but at camp the wall comes down and I feel so connect to the people that comes to camp.” — TNT Camper

“Being a counselor at Okizu is amazing! But what’s equally if not more amazing is getting to be a camper again. TNT makes that happen! Getting to hang with your fellow campers makes it an explosively good time.” — TNT Camper

“TNT is a place to be “a camper” even though the real world tells us we are adults. It’s a place to build friendships that last a lifetime and a place to find support. We have great times together and create memories that last a lifetime. I cannot possibly list all of the reasons why TNT is important to me, but it brings the spirit of Okizu to us all, all year round.” — TNT Camper

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