The Lodge

The site is equipped with a 17,000 square foot lodge that houses our state of the art kitchen, dining room, arts and crafts activity area, meeting areas, and administrative offices.


 The Cabins

We have four living areas or “units”. Each unit has three to five decks and each deck has two cabins. The cabins have lights and electricity and each cabin is equipped with four bunk beds and mattresses. The units also have a centrally located bathroom and shower facility.


The Health Center or Knight’s Inn


The Hart Family Foundation Waterfront Activity Center

PJ’s Flat

Camp Okizu has miles of hiking trails and beautiful grassy areas for playing. Here is the view from the bottom of PJs Flat.

Site Photos 2-1-13 055

The Amphitheater

At the amphitheater and campfire circle, we sing, dance, and make s’mores.

Site Photos 2-1-13 047

This site is registered on as a development site.