Thank you for your interest in donating stock to Okizu!

Click here to download the form to transfer shares from your Schwab account.

If you would like to donate shares from an account not held at Schwab, please contact your respective broker dealer, like Fidelity or Ameritrade, to access the necessary form.

You will also need the following account information to complete the transfer:

Schwab’s DTC #0164
Schwab’s account # for Okizu: 8768-2897
Name on the Schwab account: The Okizu Foundation
83 Hamilton Drive, Suite 200
Novato, CA 94949
Attn: Suzie Randall

Please be sure to send us your name, address, and number and type of shares you are transferring, by calling 415.382.9083 or email

Like cash, gifts of appreciated stock provide an income tax deduction as permitted by law. Stocks and other securities also provide a secondary benefit by avoiding a capital gains tax, for most individuals.

For example, if you previously purchased stock worth $1,000 that has grown in value to $2,000, you would owe capital gains taxes on the appreciated amount ($1,000) when you sell the stock. If you donated the shares to Okizu, you would receive the tax deduction for the $2,000 as permitted by law, and you would also avoid paying taxes on the $1,000 that the stock has appreciated.

Please check with your CPA to see if you are eligible for this deduction.

Please call Suzie Randall at 415.382.9083 or email for additional information or if you have any questions. 

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